2 or 5 year Fixed Rate?

Posted on 10 March 2018 by Kate

I have 10 years left on a mortgage of £34000. Should I being opting for a 2 year fixed rate of 3.99% with no fees or looking at a 5 year fixed rate?

Hi Kate,

Northern Rock and Woolwich are two of the Lenders with 2 year Fixed rates with no fees, but neither of these make our Best Buys because there are better rates available. Now whether you should be opting for a 2 or 5 year Fixed depends on what you think will happen to interest rates and how much of a premium you are prepared to pay now for the peace of mind a fixed rate can bring.

At Charcol we believe that whilst interest rates will rise they will not do so quickly and that 5 year Fixed rates are currently overpriced. We also believe that 2 year Fixed rates are overpriced and it is unlikely that the Bank base rate will increase sufficiently to make these worthwhile. Of course forecasting rate movements is not an exact science and the next set of economic figures could change the whole outlook.

For this reason I believe you would benefit from talking to one of our consultants. They can conduct a full factfind and look at your whole situation, including your attitude to risk before making a personal recommendation.

Please call on 0344 346 3672 and tell the consultant the date and title of your question.

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