Will we struggle to get a mortgage with no UK credit history?

Answered on 29 September 2018 by Nick Morrey

My husband (Irish) and I (UK) have moved back to the UK and are looking to buy a house shortly. We had a mortgage in the USA (recently sold) and a credit history. We also have an existing mortgage in Ireland. 7 years ago I had a small UK mortgage. We have 110K deposit in my local bank. Are we going to struggle to get a mortgage? or does our overseas credit history count?

Your overseas credit history will not count unless you apply to a UK branch of the same financial institution and they are able to either search their American database or get a copy of your account conduct from their American colleagues.  Unfortunately, your UK mortgage will no longer show on a credit search as records are only kept for 6 years and your Irish mortgage will not show up as it is held in another country.

To give yourself the best chance of getting a mortgage you should make sure you are registered on the voter's roll and try to obtain a current account or credit card with the bank your deposit is held with.

Regardless of all of the above it may still be possible to get a mortgage if you are putting down a large deposit, have good jobs with a steady income and do not want to borrow beyond your means. A decent mortgage broker will be able to look at your situation and help you put together a good case for why someone should lend to you. They will also know which lenders to go to and which to avoid, so that your chances of getting a mortgage are increased.

I believe we can help you and that you would benefit from speaking to one of our independent mortgage advisers.  Please call 0344 346 3672 and one of our consultants will then be able to help you.

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