There are many different buyers and mortgage products available on the market - all suited to different requirements and circumstances. It can be confusing understanding all the features of the different products and knowing which one is right for you.

Browse below for our most frequently asked questions about mortgages for different types of buyers. If you’re looking for specific advice tailored to your individual circumstances, it would be best to get in touch with our advisers directly or to ask your own question below.

Can a Parent Be a Guarantor on a Mortgage?

Parents can be guarantors for their child’s mortgage.

How Do I Find Out Who I Had a Mortgage with?

My daughter had a mortgage 11 years ago, how can I find out any...

Can I Buy An Over 55s Property for a Parent or Grandparent?

I need some advise on buying a property with an over 55 years age...

Can I remortgage an unencumbered property?

We own our current home outright - no mortgage. We want to move...

I've missed a mortgage payment, help!

I have just applied to borrow money on my mortgage with Abbey. ...

Can I Raise Money on an Unencumbered Property

Hi, I own a property worth £1.6m (fully, no morgage on it). I...

Which mortgage lenders allow unlimited overpayments?

Nearly every lender has a product which allows unlimited...

Is there an Alternative to Bridging Finance?

Can I get bridging finance?

Can I buy others out of Inherited Property

I’ve inherited a property and I want to buy my sibling out of the...

Is It Possible to Use the Equity from Our Home to Buy a Property in France?

We would like to use the equity from our home to by a property in...

Raising funds to consolidate debts

I own my home and want to raise funds to consolidate debts

Can I switch from a buy to let to a residential mortgage?

I currently own a buy-to-let that I want to move into, can I...

What happens to my mortgage after getting a divorce?

What happens to our mortgage after divorce?

Does ownership abroad mean I cannot buy in the UK?

I own a house abroad but would like to buy my first home in the...

Mortgage with CCJ's on my record?

I have several CCJs and looking to apply for a mortgage

Do any lenders lend up to 90% or 95% LTV on buy-to-let?

Are there any 90 or 95% LTV BTL Mortgages?

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