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Are Surrey mortgages getting harder to secure?

Getting a mortgage in Surrey – particularly in areas like Oxshott, Cobham, Esher and Weybridge – has become more and more difficult in recent years. As the cost of the housing stock continues to rise, for many buyers a standard mortgage application with a high street lender simply won’t provide enough capital for their desired purchase.

At John Charcol we are committed to providing expert, independent mortgage advice to everyone from first timers and remortgagers, to experienced buy to let landlords. Whatever your needs we have experts who can help get you the best mortgage. Through our exclusive deals and with our extensive relationships built up over years of experience, we're used to presenting proposals to smaller building societies or private banks who assess mortgage applications on a case-by-case basis.

Our ability to look at the whole market and cut through the fine print means that we explain the pros and cons of each product to find you the best deal and make your life that little bit easier.

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Why is Surrey so expensive?

Surrey has always been known as the ‘stockbroker belt’ – a beautiful place to live with good fast links into the capital, attracting city money.

In recent years, the Chelsea football club training ground at Cobham has brought in more and more football stars to the area. Add in the rising trend for people with families looking to move out of London and the great international links via Heathrow and Gatwick and it’s not hard to see why Surrey mortgages are becoming harder to attain on standard terms.

How can John Charcol help with Surrey mortgages?

As mortgage experts with years of experience, we have helped numerous clients to secure mortgages for properties in Surrey. Our approach is to spend time understanding your situation and then to present a personal case to the mortgage providers we know are best placed to support your specific application.

This might include approaching lenders who: 

  • Take into account bonus based income, offshore income, dividends, distributions, investment or vested share income
  • Understand business finance and can look behind the accountants tax-efficient statement to assess real income
  • Offer asset-based mortgages, perhaps based on a share portfolio or buy-to-let proposition
  • Will consider an interest-only mortgage, with the capital being paid off by bonus or dividend payments each year
  • Can move quick enough to ensure that you get the home you have set your heart on

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How much can I borrow?

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First applicant

First applicant

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Second applicant

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As a guide, you could potentially borrow around:


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Frequently asked questions

How much of my bonus can be counted as earnings for a Surrey mortgage application?

That depends on the lender. Some High Street lenders will use 25% of the last bonus added onto the basic salary...some will take 100%. John Charcol knows who is best able to assist when bonuses are part of the equation.

If the high street lenders tell me I can’t get the multiple on my salary, are there other places I can go?

Yes. We deal with regional building societies, private banks and other niche lenders who will look at each client on an individual basis. The range of income multiples can be as high as five times or more. 

As a foreign national, can I still get a Surrey mortgage?

Yes…it helps if you are living in the UK, but if you are outside of the UK we can still assist. It really helps if you have a global tax adviser or work for a large international corporation. Keep in mind there are some countries that do not allow their citizens the ability to borrow towards a property purchase.

Can you help me to arrange a mortgage around my intense work schedule?

At John Charcol we’re used to working with busy individuals who are under real time pressure. That’s why we come to you and fit in with your schedule. 

I want a flexible mortgage that allows me to use my bonus to reduce it each year in significant payments. Can that be arranged?

We’re expert at arranging this kind of mortgage, making the best of low rates of borrowing with capital payments when bonuses are available.

Is there a fast-track service so that I can secure the property I have my eye on now?

Unlike high street lenders we’re fast and nimble, so if you need us to talk to an Estate Agent or make things happen fast to secure a particular property, we’ll do everything we can to make that happen.

Can I speak to someone with the authority to make decisions based on my real circumstances rather than computer-set limitations?

Yes. At John Charcol our consultants are all experienced mortgage advisers. We often arrange Surrey mortgages through reputable private banks and investment houses who have much more flexibility on who they lend to and how much they will lend.

Why John Charcol?

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