Mortgage advice – with your own personal expert

John Charcol provides expert independent mortgage advice for everyone from first timers and remortgagers, to experienced buy to let landlords.

Our ability to see the whole market available to intemediaries, to cut through the fine print and explain the pros and cons of each product makes life easy. Our contacts, our experience and our dogged determination makes it all happen, from initial mortgage advice to money in the bank.

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5 reasons to choose John Charcol

1 Access to a huge range of products

As an independent mortgage adviser, we have access to the whole of the mortgage market available to intemediaries.  That means we are able to find the very best mortgage for you from all of those available.

2 Award winning independent mortgage advice and service

We have won numerous awards over the years for our independent mortgage advice.  Our clients, like most of us, are busy people who do not have hours of time to give up to find the best mortgage for them.  Not only that, but they do not have the time, or quite frankly the inclination, to spend hours on the phone to estate agents, solicitors, valuers and all the other parties involved. That’s why we're here to ensure the application process runs as smoothly as possible.  After all, practice makes perfect.

3 Extensive knowledge

Over 40 years of experience in mortgages has allowed us to build up a huge knowledge of the market.  Not only do we use this knowledge when we see our clients, but we also use it well before we even get in front of them.  Our nerds, sorry technical specialists, research the mortgage market daily to add many arrows to our adviser’s quivers, as well as providing some of the most innovative mortgage products the market has ever seen.  We have developed many of the products that are now widespread in the mortgage market, such as cap and collars and drop lock mortgages.

4 Professional Advisers

Our independent mortgage advisers are trained to very high standards and pride themselves on the satisfaction they receive from their clients.  Indeed, our monthly customer satisfaction survey shows that in excess of 90% of our clients are either extremely satisfied or very satisfied with our service.  Yet, as you would expect, we do not rest on our laurels, and we strive to consistently offer the best mortgage service we can, improving even on the impressive 90% satisfaction we have.

5 A mortgage for life

Of course everyone likes a bit of instant gratification, but at John Charcol we offer so much more.  When you arrange a mortgage through us it is not just about that mortgage.  We like to think that you have entered a relationship that will last you a lifetime.  We commit to finding you the best mortgage for you every time it comes to change your mortgage.  Our customer contact programme keeps you completely informed about the market.  Excuse the cliché, but knowledge is, as they say, power.  They are right…

And, of course, you would expect us to be proud of what we do, but don’t just take our word for it.  Click here for some of our customer testimonials to see what others think of independent mortgage advice from John Charcol.