Expat Mortgage: British Citizen Obtain Mortgage

Posted on 17 February 2018 by Henry

I have been living outside of the UK since 2001. In this time I have owned my home in Canada and currently have a mortgage in US. Potentially relocating within the next 60 to 90 days, what would the process be and what options would I have to obtain a mortgage in the UK. My wife and I are British citizens and have UK passport.

Hi Henry,

Thank you for your question, via our ‘Ask the Expert’ section of our website.

The possibility of you obtaining a mortgage would depend on a number of factors. The main one being whether you still hold a credit footprint in the UK.

If you do not have any live credit in the UK then you should be able to obtain a mortgage. You will need to have an adequate deposit and a contract or job in the UK for your return though. Typically, you'd need around a 25% as a deposit level for an expat mortgage. It's worth advising you though, as with most mortgages, the more money you can put in the better access you may have to more lenders and a better rate.

It would also be good to know what your plans are for your US property when you relocate to UK. As a starting point and to help us fill the gaps in our knowledge, if you contact an adviser at John Charcol we will be able to offer you advice on your individual situation.

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