Nicholas Morrey

Nicholas Morrey

Product Technical Manager

His Work for John Charcol

Nick Morrey is John Charcol’s product technical manager and the head of our specialist mortgage technical services team. He works with our entire team of advisers across all 3 locations, offering support on particularly complex cases and sharing his expertise.

Nick ensures that there is clarity and understanding between John Charcol and the lenders we use and that we evolve alongside them. If a client is declined, Nick liaises with the lender to find out why. He then works with them to improve their policies, criteria, products and approval processes, as well as John Charcol’s overall lender relationships.

Nick is a well-recognised and established figure within the mortgage industry. He is one of John Charcol’s primary spokespeople and is regularly asked to comment on a range of mortgage topics in the press. He also oversees and contributes to technical guides and blogs.


Graduating with a Mathematics and Management degree from Imperial College London in 1993, Nick has held various positions across the mortgage sector. He has built up a wealth of experience during his 25 years in the financial services industry.

Nick started his career with John Charcol back in 2002 and now acts as one of our resident experts.

Nick Morrey left John Charcol on 5/11/21 to take on a new opportunity. We're grateful to him for all the work he's done for John Charcol and wish him all the best.

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