Best buy to let mortgage and remortgage deals

This table shows some of the best buy to let mortgages and buy to let remortgages currently available on the market. Many buy to let mortgage commentators are predicting that this year will be a good year for the buy to let mortgage market.  First time buyers continue to struggle to get anywhere near the first rung of the ladder, which means they will be forced to rent.  This is obviously a good opportunity for buy to let investors to increase their portfolios and snap up buy to let properties. 

What represents the best buy to let mortgages for you will depend on your personal circumstances. Many people prefer to opt for a competitive fixed rate so that they know what their outgoings will be; for others, the lowest rate is of utmost importance for their buy to let yield.  

John Charcol can offer advice on buy to let mortgages for the accidental landlord right up to the professional, portfolio buy to let landlord.  Take a look at the best buy to let mortgages below and then give one of our experienced, buy to let mortgage advisers a call to discuss further.

The buy to let mortgage market requires advice as there are so many different buy to let mortgages on the market, with a wide range of fees and rates.

Mortgage Provider Mortgage Type Initial Rate/Duration Subsequent Rate/Duration The overall cost for comparison Early Repayment Charges  
Buy To Let Mortgages 1.73% - Bank Base Rate plus 1.23% until 31/03/2018 (60%) 4.50% Variable for term 4.10% APR 1/0.5% until 31/03/2018 Details
Buy To Let Mortgages 2.10% Fixed until 31/12/2017 (60%) 4.99% Variable for term 4.60% APR 4% until 31/12/2017 Details
Buy To Let Mortgages 2.19% Variable rate for term (65%) n/a 2.40% APR No early repayment charge Details
Buy To Let Mortgages 2.19% Fixed until 28/02/2018 (75%) 5.79% Variable for term 5.40% APR 2/1% until 28/02/2018 Details
Buy To Let Mortgages 2.29% - Bank Base Rate plus 1.79% until 31/03/2018 (75%) 4.50% Variable for term 4.30% APR 1/0.5% until 31/03/2018 Details
Buy To Let Mortgages 2.79% Fixed until 31/03/2021 (60%) 4.84% - Bank Base Rate plus 4.34% for term 4.10% APR 5/4/3/3/2% until 31/03/2021 Details
Buy To Let Mortgages 2.99% Fixed until 01/02/2019 (70%) 4.99% Variable for term 4.60% APR 3.5% until 01/02/2019 Details
Buy To Let Mortgages 3.20% Fixed until 31/12/2020 (60%) 4.99% Variable for term 4.40% APR 5/5/4/3/2% until 31/12/2020 Details
Buy To Let Mortgages 3.59% Fixed until 28/02/2021 (75%) 5.79% Variable for term 5.10% APR 4/4/3/2/1% until 28/02/2021 Details
Buy To Let Mortgages 3.95% Fixed until 31/01/2018 (80%) 5.35% - LIBOR Rate plus 4.75% for term 5.20% APR 3% until 31/01/2018 Details
Buy To Let Mortgages 5.19% Fixed for 2 years (85%) 6.58% Variable for term 6.50% APR 4/3% for 2 years Details

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